Regional cultivars

Italy has a heritage of olive biodiversity that is unique in the world for its richness and variety. In the infographics, we present the breakdown of cultivars by region and the cultivar denominations that can be found in the various areas. The list of more than 670 cultivars in Italy is not exhaustive as it includes cases of unresolved synonymy, i.e. different names for the same variety. We cannot, therefore, establish a precise number of varieties, either nationally or globally.

How many are the main Italian cultivars? How are they distributed among the regions and on the territory?

Explore the map to learn about the variety of cultivars in our territory.

Totale Cultivar number: 672
In the infographic you can find the list of denominations present in the various territories, representative of the great richness and variety, a sign of the importance of this crop for our country which characterizes, with a precise and different identity, each of the territories that make it up. Diversity is value.