Circular economy in the olive-oil sector

What does circular economy mean?

The concept of the circular economy addresses the desire for sustainable growth, which has to come to terms with increasing demands, due to a constantly growing world population, and the exploitation of environmental resources.

The transition to a circular economy requires cultural, structural and organisational change, involving continuous innovation in production, distribution and consumption patterns as well as a reduction in waste production and its reuse, with a consequent reduction in environmental impact.

Circular economy in the olive-oil sector

In particular, innovation in the olive-oil sector over the last twenty years has concerned various aspects of the supply chain: varietal innovation, cultivation techniques, olive harvesting methods, extraction technology and subsequent bottling of the oil produced, and the problems of re-use of co-products and by-products of the entire supply chain.

With this in mind, the scientific dissemination of research results and awareness-raising actions aimed at the younger generations will make it possible to foster a fundamental dialogue between the world of scientific research and modern society, which is increasingly focused on technological innovation, sustainable growth and the need to overcome the devastating effects of climate change.