Trivia Game

Learn by playing with Oleario

The Oleario Trivia Game. Dedicated to high school students and all those who want to learn more about the world of oil, it comprises a set of questions sorted by topic with varying levels of depth and difficulty.

The quiz questions cover the following topics:

  • The olive tree and its oil in myth, legend, art and literature
  • Tree morphology
  • Monumental olive trees and the Italian National Register of Historical Rural Landscapes
  • Labelling as a tool for conveying Extra-Virgin Olive Oil quality
  • PDO and PGI as tools for the protection of local territory
  • Quality characteristics of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Organic olive growing, environmental protection and oil quality

To implement the game sessions, we chose Mentimeter (, a platform for conducting quizzes and surveys that can be answered in real time from a smartphone or PC. All results of responses can be recorded and used to display rankings, which, by adding a touch of competition, increase engagement and help better memorise content.

Possible uses of the Trivia Game

Educational quizzes for schools

By mainly exploiting the sections on oil culture, tree morphology, ancient olive trees and labelling, teachers can run short quiz sessions in which to involve lower and upper-middle school students:

  • Divide the class into 4 or 5 groups (according to the number of students involved)
  • The teacher or tutor displays the questions and opens the individual response sessions.
  • Students answer questions by connecting to a web address and entering a code dedicated to that game session.
  • After each answer, explanation slides can be inserted to reinforce the memorisation of the main concepts.

Polls and Surveys to be included in seminars or webinars

Questions on oil quality characteristics, sustainability and labelling
are a good basis for creating surveys for in-person seminars or webinars.

During a presentation at an industry event, speakers may enhance engagement by adding one or more questions to their presentations.

Participants answer the questions by connecting to a web address and entering a session-specific code.

After each response, a discussion can be initiated based on the results/preferences of the audience.

Quiz or Challenge between experts during events and fairs

The more technical questions on quality characteristics and labelling can become themes of recreation breaks at the stands of producers or promotion associations.