Study project on the perception of quality olive oil by Italians abroad

The Oleario project at the center of a meeting between Italy and Argentina on rooted tourism and the desire for knowledge and insight into quality products of the Italian tradition


23 March 2023

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Argentina calls Italy and Oleario answers

The Oleario project of the National Rural Network and CREA with the active and synergistic commitment of three of its research centres: Politics and Bioeconomy, Olive-growing, Fruit-growing and Citrus-growing and Food and Nutrition has launched, in collaboration with Professor Sonia Ferrari of the Department of Legal Sciences and companies of the University of Calabria, a path that will focus on the perception that “tourists of the roots” have of extra virgin olive oil.

The first meeting saw the participation of the CREA OFA and CREA PB oil project group, Unical, Marcelo Carrara President of the Federation of Italian Associations of Mar del Plata and Maritè Perrella secretary of the Calabrese Marplatense club as well as a member of Comites .

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